All registered delegates would be entitled to a refund; the quantum would however depend upon whether you wish to cancel your registration completely or would like to convert the same to the virtual conference.

1.For those who have registered already for on-site conference:Delegates have to visit the website and avail of one of the following options
a)For those opting for complete cancellation of registration The GST + convenience fee will be deducted from the total amount paid and the remaining will be refunded.
b)For those opting for converting onsite conference registration to online con-ference registration Convenience fee will be deducted from total amount paid for onsite confer-ence.From this amount, the virtual conference registration fee along with GST will be deducted and the balance would be refunded.

2. Please ensure that all your personal and bank details are well verified by you before submission.

3. All refunds whether for complete cancellation or conversion to virtual conference shall be processed at the earliest after verification of details.

4. Registration is non transferable.

5. Registration for Preconference courses and Masterclass have to be paid separately on portal.

There will NO provision for cancellation of registrations for the Virtual Conference.

Deadline to exercise a choice to either convert or cancel existing registration is 20th December 2020, 23:59 hrs IST. Beyond this date and time, for those who have not exercised the option, the existing registration will be converted to the vir-tual conference by default.



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